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Training FAQs

Who are the membership bodies for coaching?

The BACP thoroughly supports coaching and has strong representation of coaches in BACP Coaching. We recognise that coaching is a growing profession and that our members are ideally placed to add coaching to the skills they can offer clients.

Practically, we support BACP members who coach by providing them with our magazine, Coaching Today (link in here to magazine) and offering them access to a range of network group meetings across the four nations (link in here to events detailing NGO meetings). You can meet other therapists who coach at these CPD events.

How do I train to become a Coach?

There are numerous coaching courses in the UK and internationally. They range from one day taster sessions through to Masters level and beyond, across many coaching modalities. We currently have a list of coaching providers from a variety of sources, but please note that inclusion does not mean an organisation is recognised or recommended by BACP.

In addition to the list, our training page (link here to other part of website) has a helpful compilation of questions that may help you decide on the best course for you.

We are aware of other courses being developed, so keep an eye on the BACP events for professional development events on coaching, too.

How does coaching sit within the Ethical Framework?

Coaching is very much part of the BACP and, as a result, the ethical requirements are the same for all registered members, whether they practice as coaches or counsellors/psychotherapists or both. The BACP Ethical Framework Review will be complete by the end of 2014 and will explicitly include coaching alongside counselling and psychotherapy.

What do you do if you are a counsellor and a coach and the client wants to use both services?

Outline the way you work at your first session. Some members offer both services, but keep them quite separate, while others offer one and check with their client when they're about to move to the other. Other members simply state that they work in a way that encompasses both approaches. However you work, be clear to your client what you are offering them at the assessment stage..

How would you contract or advertise?

Clarity about what services you can offer a client depend upon your qualifications and experience. We are ethically bound to practice within our area of competence and legally bound to ensure that this is reflected in the way we contract and advertise our services. Some members call themselves Integrative Coaches, others advertise saying they're counsellors and coaches or offer coach-therapy. Others advertise themselves purely as coaches, but state they are members of the BACP and have a counselling background. The decision is yours and you may want to discuss it with your supervisor, or attend a networking group to discuss these issues amongst your peers.


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