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We've been fortunate to hear from a wide range of people with different takes on coaching. So far, they have included:

  • Frances Masters  on Therapeutic Coaching
  • Kate Anthony on online coaching -
  • Linda Aspey on a Time to Think -
  • Sarah Baker on the boundaries between coaching and counselling
  • Jo Birch on working across cultures -
  • Shaun Davies on coaching for employee wellbeing –
  • Cathy Dunbabin on developing our networking skills -
  • Angela Dunbar on clean language -
  • Liz Hall on mindful coaching -
  • Jackee Holder on supervision for coaches -
  • Helena Knox on Action Learning Sets
  • Jeremy Lazarus on NLP and rethinking goals -
  • Lou Lebentz on the mind body link -
  • Rosemary Napper on TA -
  • Nash Popovic on Personal Consultancy -
  • Dr Alistair Ross on ethics in coaching
  • Patti Stevens on Coaching Signatures profile

We'd like to thank all of them (as well as future speakers) for inspiring us.


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